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  1. Our normal human tendency is to enjoy life, to play, to explore, to be happy, and to love.
    - Don Miguel Ruiz
Our Vision
Evolve Creative Academy’s mission is to nourish a conscious and positive environment for children to explore their highest potential through a fun, simple, memorable & cutting-edge learning approach.
About Our Curriculum
  1. 1
    1st Things 1st
    ECA opens with a daily check in and expression of gratitude to help everyone feel unified and refreshed-- assuring we make the best of the day ahead.
  2. 2
    Team Building
    The Team Building activities at ECA get our campers active while providing lessons on healthy competition, communication and team dynamics.
  3. 2
    Happy Bellies
    The snacks provided and created during Happy Bellies make yummy - healthy. We strive to create positive experiences and attitudes towards healthy eating.
  4. 4
    Did You Know?
    This section of our daily activities focuses on practicing self-empowerment and respect for others' ideas and opinions. During this time, campers have the opportunity to teach their fellow campers and their counselors something that they have learned or discovered.
  5. 5
    Living Green
    It is critical for education not just to teach but to emphasize the importance of environmental sustainability. UNESCO has made the statement that education is "humanity's best hope and most effective means in the quest to achieve sustainable development." ECA implements simple, fun activities like upcycling, gardening, and healthy eating to instill these values.
  6. 6
    Get Crafty!
    ECA has designed the curriculum to focus on the importance of art in education. Our activities develop basic creative skills to encouraging students to further explore their own interests.
  7. 7
    Know Your World
    While history and cultural lessons weave through our curriculum in various activities, a portion of our day will take the time out to focus on the importance of knowing your world. Students are empowered learning about their respective cultures and in turn embrace diversity and individuality as they explore traditions and practices of different peoples around the world.
  8. 8
    Wind Down
    ECA practices yoga, meditation, and aromatherapy to incorporate a time of rest and relaxation into our daily schedules. We aim to redefine our students' perception of quiet time as a necessity rather than a means of punishment.
About ECA
ECA uses a unique curriculum that aligns our goals with various
elements of the State of New Jersey’s core curriculum. Our enrollment strategy includes tuition assistance where necessary, tackling inequity by making this learning experience available to all.

For more information on the common core standards of NJ visit:


Last year’s summer camp was a huge success! The campers were excited to learn while having fun throughout each activity, and parents were thrilled to have the summer program to send their kids to. This year, we will also be offering low-cost Evolve on the Weekends Workshops for parents. The Workshops will teach parents methods to actively incorporate positivity into their daily routine.
Meet the Founders
  2016 Annual Newsletter
This is a Flyer for the Evolve Creative Alliance Theatre Workshop
This is a Flyer for the Evolve Creative Alliance Feel Good Workshop
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Tel.: 862-235-8373
Email: info@evolvecreativeacademy.com
2016 Camp Address
St. Mark's Episcopal Church
118 Chadwick Road
Teaneck, NJ
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